Frequency is the number of cycles of a voltage or current signal per second. To measure the frequency or period of oscillation of an electrical signal, an electrical measuring device - a frequency meter-is used. You can find out the value of frequency fluctuations using a multimeter with a current frequency measurement function.

Frequency measurement scheme with a multimeter

Diagram of connecting the frequency meter directly to the network or via an additional device.

To avoid electric shock or damage to the instrument, do not perform frequency measurements at high signal voltage (>250 V).

For frequency measurement with a multimeter:

  1. Set the rotary switch to the position Hz.
  2. Connect the black measuring wire to the COM connector and the red one to the connector VΩmAHz.
  3. Connect the measuring wires in parallel to the measured inductance and read the readings from the display.

Frequency measurement with a multimeter

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