Alternating current is the directed movement of charged particles, whose direction of movement changes to the opposite at regular intervals.The unit of current is called-ampere (A).

Current measurement can be performed directly by an ammeter included in the break of the measured circuit.

Measuring AC current with a multimeter shema

 AC measurement schemes. To measure large alternating currents, current measuring transformers are used.

Do not measure current in the "10A" range for more than 15 seconds. Failure to follow this rule may cause the meter to fail and/or be affected by a dangerous current.

In cheap multimeters there is no function for measuring AC current - A~.

Procedure for measuring AC current with a multimeter:

  1. Turn off the current in the circuit being examined. Discharge all high-voltage capacitors.
  2. Connect the black measuring wire to the connector COM, and red - in the connector 10A.
  3. Set the rotary switch to the appropriate position in the sectors A~.
  4. Turn on the current in the examined circuit and read the reading from the display. Pay attention to the unit of measurement shown on the screen ( or А). If only "1" is shown on the display, this indicates that the selected measurement range is exceeded. In this case, you should switch to a larger measurement limit.
  5. Disconnect the current in the circuit being examined and discharge all high-voltage capacitors. Disconnect the test leads and restore the circuit under investigation.

foto - measuring AC current with a multimeter

To avoid damage to the device or injury due to a fuse failure, do not attempt to measure in a circuit where the potential difference with ground is higher than 250 V when the circuit is open.
To avoid possible damage to the instrument or the equipment being examined, check the fuses before starting current measurements. Use proper probes, operating mode, and measuring range. Never connect the probes parallel to any circuit or element if they are inserted in the current measurement sockets.

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