The electrical voltage is a quantity numerically equal to the work of moving a unit of electric charge between two arbitrary points in an electrical circuit. The unit of voltage is called the volt (V) and the measurement is made by a voltmeter. The AC voltage has no polarity.

AC voltage measurement schemes

AC voltage measurement measure high values of variable voltages, so-called voltage measuring transformers can be used.

To avoid electric shock or damage to the device, do not attempt to measure AC voltage higher than 750 V.

Procedure for measuring AC voltage with a multimeter:

  1. Connect the black measuring wire to the COM connector and the red one to the VΩmAconnector.
  2. Set the rotary switch to ACV(V~). If the measured voltage level is unknown, select the largest range and then reduce it. When switching to the 750 position, a warning sign appears on the screen HV - you need to be extremely careful.
  3. Touch the test leads parallel to the contacts of the circuit or component being measured with the probes.
  4. The measured value will appear on the display.

Photo measuring AC voltage with a multimeter

Photo measuring AC voltage with a multimeter 2

Do not measure AC voltage when the motor is switched on or off. A high-voltage pulse may form, which may cause the meter to fail.

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