Front Panel
- Multiposition switch
- Sockets for connecting probes
- Terminal for checking hFe transistors, capacitors

Multimetra switch

Multimeter symbol
OFF - device power switch
ACV (V~) - AC voltage measurement (voltmeter)
DCA - direct current measurement (ammeter)
10A - sector of the ammeter for measuring large values of direct current
hFE - transistor measurement enable sector
Temp - temperature measurement
Diode - a sector for checking the integrity of the circuit, diodes, sound continuity
Ω - sector of resistance measurement (ohmmeter)
DCV (V) - DC voltage measurement (voltmeter)
 multimeter socket
Measuring sockets
- 10A measuring socket. Measuring input for DC function.
- Measuring socket V Ω TEMP Hz% mA μA. Measuring input for the function of measuring voltage, resistance, temperature, frequency, duty cycle, AC.
- COM measuring socket. Common measurement input for all measurement functions

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